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Lubricants Motor passenger cars Lubricants Motor passenger cars

Oils for lubricating engines of passenger cars and light vans

Oil Heavy Duty Engines Oil Heavy Duty Engines

Oil for engines of vehicles of transport, public works and heavy work

Oil sea engines Oil sea engines

Lubricants for motor sailing and marine applications

Agricultural Tractor Lubricants Agricultural Tractor Lubricants

Specific lubricants for use on agricultural tractors

Lubricant for Motorcycles Lubricant for Motorcycles

Lubricants specifically for Motorcycles

Lubricants for Marine Lubricants for Marine

Lubricants and products for application of nautical

Gearbox and Differential Lubricants Gearbox and Differential Lubricants

Lubricants specifically for use in gearboxes and differentials of the vehicle and manufacturer specifications

Automatic Transmission Lubricants Automatic Transmission Lubricants

Lubricating oils for gearboxes and automatic transmissions and torque converters

Industrial lubricants Industrial lubricants

Lubricants for all types of hydraulic and industrial applications

Lubricants Grease and Pastes Lubricants Grease and Pastes

Greases, pastes and other lubricants

Machining and Metal Treating Machining and Metal Treating

Lubrication, protection and treatment of metals

Lubricants for the Food Industry Lubricants for the Food Industry

Lubricants specifically for the food industry

Biodegradable lubricants Biodegradable lubricants

Biodegradable Lubricants for operations that may affect the environment

Process Oils Process Oils

Oils for use as feedstock in industrial processes and product formulation

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