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Planning Lubrication


Preparation of plans for lubrication complete set of production elements of the company.  

Studies of lubrication


Writing technical lubrication of the final products of manufacturers of machinery.  

Service analysis


Service analysis of samples of both types of oils such as predictive and informative.  

Phone Consultations


Attention to technical questions about equivalencies, application and use of products approved or recommended lubricants and applications in industrial processes. Phone > +34 972 181 810  

AD presents lubricant for diesel engines ZTD 15W-40 ACEA E-9

ZTD 15W-40


The Group AD PARTS, launches the new AD ZTD 15W40 lubricant that meets the specifications ACEA E9, to meet the needs of vehicles that require this specification.

Oil AD ZTD 15W40, synthetic technology THPD (Top High Performance Diesel) is specially formulated to meet the most demanding requirements of the latest generation diesel engines Euro 5 (Volvo, Mercedes Benz, Renault).

Recommended especially for engines requiring API CJ-4 level and use fuel with low sulfur content. Its low ash content (MID SAPS) ensures a perfect systems of exhaust gas aftertreatment incorporated in modern vehicles

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