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Planning Lubrication


Preparation of plans for lubrication complete set of production elements of the company.  

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Writing technical lubrication of the final products of manufacturers of machinery.  

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Service analysis of samples of both types of oils such as predictive and informative.  

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Attention to technical questions about equivalencies, application and use of products approved or recommended lubricants and applications in industrial processes. Phone > +34 972 181 810  

They have the new catalog of medicinal white oils Whilol

WhilolLubridal market presents the new range of medicinal white oils WHILOL, which is a purified mixture of liquid saturated hydrocarbons. It is transparent and colorless products that do not contain any toxic mixture. Got the oil by vacuum distillation with subsequent refining stages including a final purification by catalytic hydrogenation.


They are manufactured according to purity specifications more stringent than required by the pharmacopoeias have more stability than most mineral products, synthetic and plant and its chemical resistance is excellent.


They have excellent compatibility with the skin, are very irritating and non-comedogenic. They have a very good balance between resistance to bacteria and final biodegradability, with minimal impact on the environment.


Because of its high purity, the complete destruction of germs in the manufacturing process at high temperature, specific procedures for handling and absence of toxic polycyclic aromatic products and heavy metals, oils WHILOL offer the highest level of security.


WHILOL are for medicinal white oils, which means it can be used in various cosmetic and pharmaceutical applications, respecting the laws and regulations in each country. For the food quality WHILOL can be used in applications in direct or indirect contact with food, equally respecting the regulations of control agencies.

WHILOL products meet the requirements of the following specifications:
  - FDA (Office of EE. UU. For control of food and drugs) and 21 CFR 21 CFR 172,878 1,783,620 (a) white mineral oil.
  - Pharmacopoeia of the U.S. national form: 24/NF USP 19, light mineral oil.
  - USDA (U.S. Department of Agriculture. UU.) USDA H1 approved
  - European Pharmacopoeia: 4th edition 2002, light liquid paraffin.
  - European Directive 90/128/EEC (and amendments 99/91/CEE), medicinal white oil (WHILOL M352)
  - Japanese Pharmacopoeia: JPXIV, light liquid paraffin
  - British Pharmacopoeia: BP 2001, light liquid paraffin.
  - Name subsection (Europe): liquid paraffin
  - Name in the CTFA dictionary (U.S.): Mineral Oil
  - CAS number. EINECS number 8042-47-5:2324558

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