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MOTUL 300V 4T Factory Line 5W40 (Code: )

MOTUL 300V 4T Factory Line 5W40
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Competition Lubricant 100% Synthetic Double Ester technology. Its low viscosity allows maximum engine power and improved cold starting. Its high viscosity HTHS have achieved the best balance between power and safety. Meets JASO MA so it has full compatibility with wet clutch.


Specially formulated for high performance engines and racing bikes, both transmission and clutch integrated or not. For racing engines working on a wide range of temperatures and engine speeds: speed bikes, Moto GP, SuperSport, SuperBike, increases in costs, Off Road, Motocross, ... .... Other applications everyday bikes with modifications and / or sports driving.


Standards: Exceeds the existing rules.
Proven compatibility with wet clutch, according to JASO T904 test.
Reference team: Alstare SuperBike.

Increase in power up to 3%: Double Ester Technology. The tribological tests have allowed us to demonstrate the low coefficient of traction of the polymeric esters and complex esters used. A low coef. traction generates friction loss reduction, therefore increasing engine power. Motor protection: Nonexistent loss shear (ASTM D6278 test Bosch). Protection of gearbox: 66% improvement in shear strength with the KRL 20 hours test (CEC L-45-A-99), test 10 times more severe than the test Bosch, for lubricants for gearboxes . Improved power delivery in a circle: locking Improves clutch in oil bath.


Changes: Depending on the severity of use and control of analysis. Can be mixed with other mineral and synthetic oils

Manufacturer: MOTUL
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