Additional Services

Planning Lubrication


Preparation of plans for lubrication complete set of production elements of the company.  

Studies of lubrication


Writing technical lubrication of the final products of manufacturers of machinery.  

Service analysis


Service analysis of samples of both types of oils such as predictive and informative.  

Phone Consultations


Attention to technical questions about equivalencies, application and use of products approved or recommended lubricants and applications in industrial processes. Phone > +34 972 181 810  

Mobil completes its range Mobil Super

MobilThe company ExxonMobil completes its new range of motor oils Mobil Super, responding to the latest market trends of lubricants, as well as the requirements of professionals and consumers.

These trends, in addition to the development of technical standards, are given for the need to better understand the technical characteristics of each product and the need to optimize the range of products that meet the increase in the specific rules of manufacturers .

This new generation to better differentiate levels of performance and responds to different conditions of use of the engines.

There are three levels of performance: 3000, 2000 and 1000. The Mobil Super 3000 based on viscosity SAE 5W and 0W-xx-xx, the Mobil Super 2000 correspond to the viscosity SAE 10W-40 and Mobil Super 1000 to viscosity SAE 15W-40

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