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AD launches a lubricant for engines requiring ACEA C-1

AdThe Gup AD PARTS, announces the commercialization of new AD SC1 5W30 lubricant that meets specifications ACEA C1, to cover the market for vehicles that require this specification.

AD SC1 5W30 is a high performance synthetic oil for use in gasoline engines or Turbo Diesel Injection of art that respond to anti-pollution standards EURO IV and EURO V and requiring oil ACEA C1 level. These engines require oils with low friction, low viscosity (HTHS <3.5 MPAs) and low ash content, phosphorus and sulfur (Low SAPS). These engines are equipped with highly sensitive devices for the treatment of exhaust gases. The sulfur and phosphorus present in the lubricant, inhibit the functioning of the catalyst, reducing the performance of these and canceling the decontamination. The sulphated ash clogged the FAP regeneration cycles causing continuous and incomplete leading to premature aging of the oil, increased fuel consumption and reduced engine performance.


M2c 934B FORD WSS specification is very demanding in this respect and also applies in Jaguar and Land Rover vehicles for the 3.0L V6 diesel engine with FAP produced from 2009. Mazda also requires a lubricant that meets the standards JASO DL-1 or ACEA C1, to ensure the reliability of next-generation diesel engines with or without PAF, produced from 2005.


ACEA C1 oils can reduce fuel consumption and reduce greenhouse gas emissions (CO2) and allow extensive change intervals determined by the vehicle computer.

These oils do not mix with those who do not meet the standard ACEA C1 and before use should consult the manual of the vehicle

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