Additional Services

Planning Lubrication


Preparation of plans for lubrication complete set of production elements of the company.  

Studies of lubrication


Writing technical lubrication of the final products of manufacturers of machinery.  

Service analysis


Service analysis of samples of both types of oils such as predictive and informative.  

Phone Consultations


Attention to technical questions about equivalencies, application and use of products approved or recommended lubricants and applications in industrial processes. Phone > +34 972 181 810  

New product for severe machining aluminum

Mecanitzat aluminiFUCHS launches the ECOCOOL MS 331, intended for severe machining aluminum, specially formulated for a very low surface finish roughness with minimal tool wear.

It is a product formulated synthetic ester based , boron-free , chlorine and secondary amines , free from mineral oil and a high lubricity , suitable to cool and lubricate in high severity operations as milling, boring , threading or drilling while it is very friendly to the health of the operators and the environment.
Its large capacity anticorrosive protection ensures high machine and machined parts.
It was developed especially for low hardness water , resulting in a very low presence of foam , even in high pressure systems .
It can be used in single tank systems , as in centralized systems .
In severe machining processes aluminum increasingly used in the automotive sector , emulsions made with ECOCOOL MS 331, provide increased lubrication , which reduces by 20% the overall costs in the machining process and help meet the most stringent quality standards in the sector.

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